Friday, June 4, 2010

The new Audio Recorder to Beat

Anyone who does any type of field recording already knows about the very popular Zoom H2, which I reviewed for Mac|Life some time ago. Overall, I thought it offered an amazing value for the money. Well, Samson Technology has just announced the H1, which is supposed to deliver the exact same microphones and basic specs for, get ready, $99, which is just nuts. I can't imagine it's built any worse than the H2, and it looks like they've really simplified the interface, which some felt was a bit overwhelming in the H2 (I personally have had zero problems figuring out the controls, but then again, I'm me). I can't wait to get ahold of this thing, I suspect it's going to sell like gangbusters. Just one thing, though - Samson, we'll all survive without the 2 gig card bundled with the unit, feel free to donate mine to charity.


Marccella13 said...

Really odd, but this is actually something I would be interested in. Thank you for posting..

anaglyph said...

Geez, these things are getting to be like notepads. I mean ACTUAL notepads. Things you can afford to have two of - one as a spare!

Hiya David after all this time! (Peter Miller)

Anonymous said...

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