Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Paracast theme music

So there's this podcast show I co-created, and left this year... and recently, it seems like the audience has been less than thrilled with the new theme music the show is using - and I generally agree, the new stuff is corporate and bland - much like the new direction of the show. I had decided that I no longer wanted my music associated with the program, but given that folks seem to really like the original tune, the whole, unedited theme is up on the MetaFilter music page. I rarely share my music with anyone - it's definitely a personal quirk of mine; as public as I make my writing and podcast work, my music is another matter entirely, and besides a couple of close friends, this stuff was never meant for public consumption. I don't consider myself a very good musician, I just really enjoy making noise. No excuses.

The song, called "mizderE", was recorded in a couple of hours, using Ableton Live and a slew of plugins, some long-discontinued. Paracast fans, this is for you, as a show of appreciation for listening to my former podcast!


Marccella13 said...

Thanks for sharing that with us tonight! I rather enjoyed it. Its now put me in a scifi mood. :)

Mark said...

Thanks David,
Happy days mate.

Brian Now said...

It's funny after all these years to hear this very familiar song with no interruption!
I've got some good memories associated with listening to the Paracast and taking long summer walks.

Roland said...

I deeply admired your presence on the show. I have been an avid listener since the beginning.
I must say was saddened by your opinion of my music, but that's something I can't change.