Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dave Berry is The Tourist

An old, close friend of mine, David Berry, happens to be an amazing filmmaker and animator, and this is one of his outstanding creations, a tour-de-force of time-lapse photography and sheer creativity.

The Tourist from David Berry on Vimeo.

I was present as a helper with the footage shot in New York City - that was a fun day, it's interesting how New Yorkers almost never seem surprised at anything on the street, even a couple of guys shooting some wacky video.

The last movie I worked on was with Dave, we got called in to do some visual effects work on David Arquette's directorial debut, The Tripper.

It was a blast, we were referred to Arquette by Dave's old friend Paul Ruebens, who was in the film, and who also has a thing about the craft services tent - Paul is truly one of the most gracious, fun people you could ever hope to hang with, and it wasn't the first time I had spent time with him.

Oh, the stories from those days on set. And the evenings - that one night we made the resort where the "A-list" folks were staying, keep the clubhouse open so the cast and select crew members could get sloshed late into the night (I normally don't do alcohol, but, well, oh boy)...

Good times.

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