Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm on MacVoices

If you're interested in Audio Units plugins for expanding Apple's GarageBand software, take a listen to the latest episode of MacVoices, where I talk with host Chuck Joiner about the vast realm of third-party plugin manufacturers, mentioning some of my favorite software instruments and effects.

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Mark said...

Sorry about the deleted posts since I found a few typos I went back to edit it and I couldn't so that's what happened. :)
I loved this interview and I'm trying to spread the word where ever I can. You don't know me but you may have seen my posts as "uncle mac" on Tech Night Owl. I hope you come back to MacVoices soon or as a regular guest.
I still hope that one day you along with a great cohost, hmm Jeff perhaps? Would do something along the lines of A/V and the missing big picture as you've done in a small but fully packed (that sounds like a line from a Looney Toons) episode with Chuck.
Of course I enjoy hearing you on the DB-Zone and on The Paracast but this was very refreshing. The DB-Zones are good but usually too short and I'd like to hear more about "Having Fun With Your Mac/Computer". That might make a great new magazine or Podcast. ;) I too miss the goofy MacAddict since that's what attracted me to it originally but now my attention has went to the Brits with iCreate and MacFormat. They're expensive but the content is mostly top notch so I guess you get what you pay for.
For everyone else here that might surf on here's the link to you long list at Tech Night Owl of free AU plugins: