Sunday, December 30, 2007

An Innovative New Interface

This is a fascinating, original approach to taking audio synthesis in a new direction, utilizing a set of physical instrumentation devices that interact with their host surface. Learn more about the project and team.

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Anonymous said...

Thats beautiful..... how many "virtual" instruments really are this good to watch?

I think musical instruments will become far more visual than they are currently, and this looks like a pretty large step in the right direction. It marks the midpoint between the Laser Harp of Jean Michel Jarre and Fry's Holophoner!

I wonder what other uses this type of interface would have? Obviously writing a letter on it would be pretty time consuming, but I would guess that it lends itself well to more creative, artistic pursuits.

There does seem to be a shift towards better human-computer interfaces at the moment, with perhaps the Wii controlers being one of the more widely recognised real world examples of the possibilities. shows another interesting interface in action. Note the way the screen is pinched to zoom aka iPhone??

Good to see that the blog's still alive David!